Q & A: Tension in Body, Goals, Meditation, Experiences

0-7 Minutes
Q: Trouble relaxing the Hui Yin point (perineum) aka “chi valve”
Learning to hold and release allows you to have a better reference point for relaxation
Body Awareness can tell you what is going on even Subconsciously
Importance of repetition in Body Awareness Exercises and Teaching the Body to Relax
Hold Muscles long enough and Muscles eventually have to Release

7-14 Minutes
Hatha Yoga postures teaches the body to hold until it can release a little more
The “Master Key” to the Body – Learning to Relax the Heart and Lungs
Q: Can you Climb 2 Mountains at the Same Time Metaphorically Speaking?
Can we truly focus on more than one thing and do it well?
Story of the Two Lumberjacks and the Sharpened Saw

14-21 Minutes
Q: Is practicing BodyMind Training & Studying Acupuncture 2 Mountains?
Story of Healing 3 Herniated Disks
To Be Really Expert at Something Choose One Thing to Focus on
Q: How do you view the Observer of Your Thoughts in the Meditative Process?

21-28 Minutes
You are the Observer not the Thoughts
Becoming Aware that you are not on your Focal Point during Meditation
Realizing the Body and Thoughts are not you when Deeply Meditating
Realizing we can Live Life in a Way that All is Play
Seeing Beyond the Darkness

28-36 Minutes
In order to See the Light you have to go through the Darkness
A Goal of Meditation – Breaking through the Clutter that is You
Being Here to Experience our World Fully & Completely
Q: Does a Person Have to Continue to Experience Something
Good or Bad until they have an Awareness of why they Do It?
The Bigger the Challenge the Greater the Growth

36 Minutes – End
It’s Not Possible to Avoid Pain in Our Lives
Soon as there is a Thought – There is a Constant State of Change
Shift in Consciousness: The Secret of the Universe in a Single Blade of Grass
Seeing the Fabric that Makes up the Experience of our Lives

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mbeharry says May 18, 2010

Another great discussion. I just listened to it twice so I could absorb as much info as possible.

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