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A Morning Prayer of Gratitude – Making Life Worth Living

First thing in the morning: go out your front door, face the rising sun and say, “Good morning Sun, thank you for another day.” Use this small gesture of gratitude to help set your mind straight on what you can consciously do to make the most of each and every day. You never really know […]

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Talk Less; Listen More: Learning to Listen without Ears

Be quiet and listen to someone you are with. Don’t talk so much – listen. This challenge is all about REALLY learning to listen but not just with with your ears. Whomever you’re with, watch them, listen to them. When you speak and you say something, pay attention to their response. How do they really […]

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Take 5 & Try a Mindfulness Training Exercise

Set aside just 5 minutes out of your daily routine and try being fully present in your world as you engage all of your senses. Watch how even a short period of time can start you on the path to some interesting discoveries and revelations. After all, it’s one thing to read about these things […]

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