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BodyMindAwakening.com has evolved out of a need to help people along the path of self discovery, personal growth and improved sense of well being both mentally and physically.

Shifu Raymond Ahles has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 25 years. It was in his desire to help his students realize their true potential, to teach them how they can achieve their goals while viewing life with clarity and a sense of calm, that first induced him to begin conducting weekly talks followed by a short period of meditation.

The response that Shifu Ahles received from those who attended these weekly classes, was so positive that he realized he had touched upon something that greatly accelerated the personal growth and development of those who attended.

Encouraged by the stories people would eagerly share with him about the real changes that were taking place in their everyday lives and the improvement in their personal relationships, he began recording these weekly talks. So useful were they in helping some of his people overcome very real difficulties in their lives that these students planted a seed…the idea to spread the word to a wider audience so that more people could benefit.

And as the idea slowly took root, BodyMindAwakening was born.

In deciding to share these honest and thought provoking talks, with the general public for the very first time, it is hoped that people will gain a fresh perspective on how a strong body and mind can work together to overcome life’s challenges.

Shifu Ray Ahles encourages his listeners to become aware of their own inner thoughts and to challenge their current set of beliefs. To put an end to needless worry and suffering and to go out truly experience all that this life has to offer.

Students of the any type of training that involve using the body to reach the mind such as martial arts, yoga or even  some forms of dance, will find these talks to be particularly enlightening.  These talks help reveal how one can focus on the body as a vehicle for the mind and with correct practice, a whole new dimension and depth can be realized in one’s training.

For those not currently involved in any type of BodyMind Training we hope that the articles and videos found on this site will help motivate and inspire you to discover for yourself just how effective and uplifting an experience it can be.

Enjoy the journey!

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