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How to Choose the Right Meditation Posture & Meditation Cushion

Besides consistent practice and following guidelines on how to meditate, probably the other most important thing in achieving a state of deep meditation is proper body alignment. Here we will go into more detail on the options for meditation postures, understanding why the proper posture is important and which cushions facilitate correct body alignment allowing […]

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The Concentration Exercise

In addition to helping improve your overall focus and concentration, the Concentration Exercise can be used a pre-meditation exercise. Helping to prepare your mind so that you can meditate more effectively after having practiced it awhile. It can branch out into various visualization exercises, but it is initially taught as follows: Close your eyes, and […]

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Do One Thing

[amprotect=1,4,5,6,Week 2] [/amprotect] Part 1 Is Multi-Tasking our Downfall? What do we Miss out on while Multi Tasking Constant Distractions Vying for Our Attention How we face Challenges in Dojang – Same as in Life Facing Challenges & Moving Past our Frustrations Part 2 BodyMind Training & Impact on the Brain Jumping Around without Focus […]

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