Do One Thing

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Part 1

Is Multi-Tasking our Downfall?

What do we Miss out on while Multi Tasking

Constant Distractions Vying for Our Attention

How we face Challenges in Dojang – Same as in Life

Facing Challenges & Moving Past our Frustrations

Part 2

BodyMind Training & Impact on the Brain

Jumping Around without Focus in our Practice

Passion, Purpose & Real Focus on That

State of Mind when Truly Focused

Wasted Time – Consequence of Lack of Focus

Part 3

Why are some People So Productive and Others Not?

Getting Things Done – Clarity Purpose & Drive

Want More Hours in the Day

Chewing & Tasting our Food

Effects on Relationships with Lack of Focus & Listening

Want Someone in Your Life to Pay More Attention?

Fully Present & Fully Alive

Part 4

Doing 1 thing with Body and 10 Things with Mind

Avoid getting Stuck in Patterns

Philosophy of Change and our Struggle to Avoid it

Slowing the Degenerative Aging Process

Clarity allows us to Ask the Right Questions

Struggle to Stay on Just One Thing

Controlling our Mind and Making it Stronger

Carrying “Luggage”: Stealing Energy from Today

Part 5

Stressing Ourselves & Smoothing it Out

The “Upsettable” asking the Buddha for Advice

Essence of the Greatest Teachings

Foundation of Martial Arts (Life) & Role of Meditation

What Can Be Built on a Weak Foundation?

Mind, Body & Breath Working Together

Part 6

Practice and Learning to Choose One Thing

Learning Subtleties of Repetition

Frustrated? Do that More Minus the Judgment

Remembering we were the Beginner at Everything…Once

Scared & Distracted Mind Cannot Learn

Challenge: Get a New Habit when Stressed

Staying Calm in a Storm – A Trainable Reflex

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