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The Secret to Creating Your Own Conscious Will

There’s a saying, “Environment is stronger than will”, is it? When Ananda, a student of the Buddha, asked his teacher, ‘Master, is it true that half the battle is one’s associations?” to which the Buddha replied, “No, Ananda, this is incorrect, it is the whole battle.” Modern research strongly supports the Buddha’s answer from thousands […]

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Choosing to Be Different – Resisting the Powerful Pull of Negativity

Each day we are surrounded by so many things in our external environment that influence us and often we are not even remotely aware of just how big of a factor our environment plays in our thoughts and behaviors. The people we surround ourselves with on a regular basis can affect our attitude and guide […]

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Overcoming Being a Perfectionist – Removing Obstacles to Personal Growth & Training

Being a perfectionist can throw a real obstacle in the pathway of your personal growth. Plus, let’s face it, it can make you a bit of a challenge to be around at times because for a perfectionist nothing is ever well…perfect enough. People who are perfectionists are sometimes afraid to try new things for fear […]

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