Want To Feel Calm, Centered, & In Control In Spite Of What Life Throws At You?

Are you one of the millions of people who live life like a mouse on a wheel – always running but never getting anywhere? Ever feel like you just can’t keep up anymore, yet you know you really have no choice?

You feel the pull of your relationships, your job, your many responsibilities and obligations – all demanding your time and energy.

With so many demands coming from every direction you may wonder how else are you supposed to live? You’ve got too many pieces going in too many places – how are you going to pull it all together and feel whole again?

Introducing BodyMindAwakening and the audio and video program:“BMA Weekly Boost: Break Through Your Barriers To Change”

BodyMindAwakening is a unique training approach that lets you live a happier, healthier and calmer existence by providing you with the necessary skills and guidance to help you achieve your goals – and live fully.

Let’s face it, when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed everything suffers including our relationships with family, friends and employers.

Headaches, backaches, sleepless nights are important signs that your body is trying to tell you it’s time to take action!

The BodyMindAwakening Weekly membership talks provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies needed to cope in the chaotic world we live in. That means you will feel more calm, centered, and in control – and enjoy life more!

Why Here? Why Now?

Shifu Raymond Ahles is a teacher with over 30 years experience and an expert in the martial arts, including the deeper philosophical aspects – all supplemented by years of training in the healing arts. He has met with amazing results by teaching this BodyMind Training™ method to hundreds of people in person.

But is it all theory? Will it work for you?

These teachings are battle-tested in the arena of life and these talks deliver a consistent message for practical application in countless real-life scenarios and concerns. From focused topics such as meditation, habits, and purpose, to live Q & A’s, no stone is left unturned. You’ll be surprised how your own worries are calmed. You may even discover a new angle or perspective that gives you the insight you need to find an answer to a problem in your life.

Here’s What Others are saying…

Shifu’s talks seemed to be just for me and all of the other people just happened to be there to hear it. Joseph MacDiarmid

Joseph MacDiarmid

Having had the opportunity to listen to Shifu Ahles share his insights and experiences has has altered my perspective on handling the challenges life has to offer. ‘Change your thinking; change your life.’ Funny thing is…it’s actually true. I can honestly say I live a healthier and happier life as a result. I think that if more people knew what they were missing…fewer people actually would.

Laura Ahern

Shifu always says, ‘what we do is not as important as how we do it’. Sometimes I forget that.

Matt Fellner

What you said about what it means to you to be called Shifu is self-evident in your actions, your mannerism and the way you interact with your students. It is rare to encounter people who are uncompromising when it comes to acting according to their values and the values and teachings you are passing on deeply resonate with me and the life I am trying to live. Nearly everyone in my life thinks trying to “be an ideal” is naïve at best, and often destructive or worse. But I don’t want to waste my life settling for what everyone else calls being realistic.

I think you have created a space where people follow your initiative to reach into the depths of the universe and recognize those infinite possibilities as reality. It’s an honor to be one of your students.

?Elana Amminadav

Shifu’s teachings have helped me realize how easily I become angry and frustrated in a lot of situations (something I didn’t know about myself before this training). Although I came to his school originally to get in shape, more than that now is not being so frustrated and not being so short-tempered.

Alan Chirino

When I was here in 2005-2006 going through my troubles, the philosophy and LIM modules were 95% of my benefit vs. the physical training. Yet it’s all one, anyway.
I was happy to take part in that learning an
d revisiting it now, with more experience, it is even more useful than before.
This is one of the many reasons why this school is different and special.

Matt Fellner

I’ve always had an interest in philosophy (not just one type) and I’ve always wondered about the “flash” of popularity this particular way of thought enjoys vs. how many people actually live it as a sustainable way of life. In many ways, it spans disparate ideologies and politics which are diametrically opposed – meaning it has the potential to bridge people who normally don’t agree on anything, by providing common ground they may not have thought of. That’s something this polarized world needs badly. Pretty powerful stuff.

BMA helps me since I can now be a part of that aspect of the practice by listening remotely and challenging my understanding of things. Thanks for putting it online in MP3.

Moshe Levy

“BMA Weekly Boost: Break Through Your Barriers To Change”

This special membership program, is an amazing resource providing a consistent message to help you:

  • Learn to be free from constant stress, worry & anxiety – so you’ll have more energy and enjoy your life!
  • Gain a sense of calm & clarity leading to better decision making – helping you to get more done in less time and with less effort!
  • Increase self awareness through meditation, breathing & other training methods – and feel more connected!
  • Recognize and break out of negative patterns of behavior - so you can get on a path to a more fulfilling future!
  • Discover natural methods to improve your mental & physical fitness levels that leaves you feeling confident and in control.
  • Gain self control, avoiding knee-jerk reactions that get you in trouble!
  • Enjoy improved relationships, even with people who normally tend to “push your buttons” so you have less stress and better health!
  • Put more meaning into your physical training – if you’re a martial artist you will gain a new appreciation for your practice and deepen your understanding of martial arts philosophy so you will develop a better understanding of how to take your practice into your life: your job, your relationships… everything you do!

Listen Anytime, Anywhere

You can sit in on these powerful live talks just like students and guests do in-person on a weekly basis at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home, in your car, on a flight – whatever and wherever it works best for you!

You can download the audio to play on your choice of mp3 players, mobile phones, etc..

Videos play on iPads, iPhones, and other smart phones just like the sample below:

There is No Obligation. You can cancel at anytime.

You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Learn more about becoming a BMA Member and getting access to new online video talks each and every week. We are offering a special price for new members for a LIMITED TIME. Or, if you are ready to get started on the path towards self improvement and personal growth, sign up here for a 3-Day Trial Subscription for only $1.00. Click to replace anchor text

If You Keep Doing What You’ve Always Done

You’ll Keep Getting What You’ve Always Gotten

Do you really want to change? Do you really want to experience life differently than you do now? If your answer is, “no,” then there really is no reason to stay on this site.

However, if your answer is, “Yes!” then this is a real opportunity for you to hear new ways to approach the same old things in your life, and enjoy a real change.

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You can put this off for as long as you like. To be honest, we’re not going anywhere. I’m not going to try and trick you into becoming a member pretending if you don’t act now you’ll lose your only chance. It just isn’t true.

But how will tomorrow be any different than today?

The longer you wait to start, the longer it will take to develop new habits and experience any change. It really is that simple. So, why put it off any longer? Haven’t you done enough of that already?


Your life will only change when you decide to make that change and follow through. The definition of insanity is to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Now is your chance to nip that in the bud and do something different to make that change.