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2012 End of Year Talk at the Blue Dragon School, Unedited

We had our Meditation Class “End of Year” Talk on December 13, 2012 at the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts. Here is the full unedited version:

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How Well Do You Love? Great Relationships Start With You

[DAP isPaidUser=”Y” hasAccessTo=”3,4″ errMsgTemplate=”LONG”] Video [/DAP] In the spirit of February and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write a bit about love, relationships, and how to approach it in a way that is most fulfilling for you and those you care about. First, seek completion within yourself. A healthy relationship is not 50/50, […]

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The Qualities of a Great Student (part 1)

Anyone who is serious about their martial arts training needs to watch this video that is one of a three part series. In this talk Shifu Ahles discusses the qualities of what makes a great martial arts student but as always he also correlates it to everyday life. Want to be a success in anything you do? Tune in for this week’s talk.

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Students Speak: Qualities of a Great Student & Why They Stick With It

A reverse Q&A where Shifu Ahles gives students the chance to speak out on what they think are the qualities of a great student of the martial arts. This is followed by students explaining their reasons for taking classes and how their reasons evolved or changed over time. Non martial arts students just may be surprised at the diverse reasons for joining and what these students reveal about what they really get from the practice.

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Q & A: Good Student, Mindful Walking, Clarity & Human Nature, Opening Energy Pathways

In this Q&A students ask excellent questions ranging from how to be a great student, maintaining mindfulness while in motion, and whether clarity is a natural state of mind for humans plus more. Shifu Ahles provides insightful responses to these questions in this Q&A session and leaves the listener with much to think about.

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Putting Practice Into Action: A Story of Self Defense

This week’s talk centers around the retelling of Sun’s story of real life self defense and the importance of making our practice real. Sifu Brown’s student was forced to put his practice into action applying his physical and mental training to save his own life against a knife attack in Detroit. Shifu Ahles goes through some of the ABC’s of self defense and reminds us of the consequences of not knowing what to do if faced with real danger. A motivating and important talk for everyone to hear.

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