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How To Respond Better To Life’s Many Challenges

In this talk Shifu Ahles talks about how bad things happen to everyone and even though some get more than their fair share how you respond can make all the difference in what follows. Find out how to train a reflex to catch those negative thoughts that can send you on a downward spiral. This is a compelling talk that can be a catalyst for positive change. Watch it now!

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Higher & Deeper: Raising Your Skills By Depth of Experience

In this talk we go digging for buried treasure. How often do we miss out on treasures in life because we stop digging too soon thinking what we are looking for simply isn’t there? We often go digging little holes all over the place but never really finding out just how high and deep we can really go in our life and practice. This talk is both a motivational and educational one as Shifu Ahles takes us through the steps and stages of learning something new eventually in order raise our skill level through depth of experience.

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A Quality Life, Journaling, and Developing the Will

What does it take to live a quality life and what role does the practice of martial arts have in helping us to build that life for ourselves? This week’s talk gives perspective on how we cheat ourselves if we get something we did not work for or try to coast based on prior accomplishments. Discover how keeping a journal can be a window of awareness for our reactions to things and serve as a guide for improvement. By the end of this talk you will also find out how to develop your will to develop a strong body and mind.

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