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Part 1
Present Minded thinking
Meditation as a Tool – controlling your own thoughts

Part 2
The Meaning of Life
How, Memories, Past Regrets & Grievances Limit Us
Becoming Aware of Thoughts through Meditation

Part 3

Pure Mind – What is it?
Believing what Others Think
Life in a Box
Awareness Exercises

Part 4

Being Mindful and Aware of your World
Turning off the TVs and iPods
Spending Energy with our Thoughts

Part 5

Losing your Focal Point during Meditation
Maintaining a Passive Attitude during Meditation
Mindfulness requires Consistent Practice
Humans – “Being”

Part 6

Slowing your thoughts – the Mind follows the Breath
Concentration Exercise
Watching the Breath during Meditation
Getting past the “I can’t do it Mentality”
Maintaining Mindfulness & Meditative Calm

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