Awareness of Thought



0-6 Minutes

What is Going on Inside us is Rooted in our Thoughts

Watching our Thoughts – Becoming Aware of What We Are Thinking

What Percent of Our Time is Rooted in Thinking About the Past & Future?

We Need to Increase the Percentage of Time Spent in this Moment

Accepting “What Is” and Recognizing What we Cannot Change

6- 12 Minutes

Looking at What you Spend Your Time & Money On Speaks Volumes

How Many Future Hours have you Traded for Today’s Dollars?

Spending Time and Energy Trying to Acquire What you Don’t Have

Money Spent Really Reflects What is Going on in Your Head

No Way to Get Wasted Time Back

12-18 Minutes

Time Spent on Entertainment compared to Family, Friends, Community on REAL life

How Many of Your Thoughts aren’t even Yours?

What you Spend Your Time on Consistently Becomes Your Reality

When You Realize the Value of Something You Find the Time

Watch Your Excuses – They Reveal Your Patterns

18 -24 Minutes

Do You Believe in Your Own Excuses?

Why People Keep Getting What They’ve Always Gotten

We can’t Change What we are not Aware of

The Story About Yourself in Your Own Head

Is Your Self Talk Serving You or Hindering You?

24- 30 Minutes

Don’t Like a Recurring Thought in Your Head – Scratch it Out

Telling Yourself a Story that is Complete Garbage

Using Anger as a Tool to Get out of the Abyss

Worrying, Fearing, Imaging the Worse – Going into the Hole Doesn’t Help

We Can Only Change Things When we are Aware of our Thoughts

30 Minutes – End

Story of 2 Monks & the Beautiful Woman

How Much do we Carry that we Could Have Put Down Long Ago?

Meditation Exercise –Watching Your Thoughts

Listening to the Multiple Voices Inside Your Head

Getting Mind to One Place and then Open, Sit Back & Observe

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