Awareness of Feeling



0-5 Minutes

Feelings within the Body – Kinesthetic Feeling

How Athletes get Good

Acquiring Skill Requires Repetition and Adjustments

Better Body Awareness – People who Use Body All the Time

5 -10 Minutes

More Complex Movement Bigger the Benefits

Sports Compared with a Discipline

Discipline about Growth, Development & Refined

Challenge in the Process Tells you Much About Yourself

10-15 Minutes

Tells: How Much Does Your Body Reveal About You?

The Body Reveals what the Mind sometimes Denies

Cannot be Depressed and Smile at Same Time

Asking Why You Feel that Way and What Can You Do

Breathing and What It Can Do for Your State of Mind

15-20 Minutes

Story of Air Quality & Carpeting

Awareness so Important to Fix What Ails You

Mental, Emotional Feelings & Various Bodily Tensions

Emotions/Feelings and Cycle with Breathe, Move, Clear

Lose Benefits of Basic Chi Exercise if you Move without Awareness

20-25 Minutes

Feeling of Depressed or Down and How it Affects Posture

Kink in the Hose and Water Does not Flow Through

Misalignments in the Body Causes the Body to Work Harder than it Needs to

Difficulties in Fixing the Misalignments of Bad Body Habits

Change is a Gradual Process – Small Steps Forward

25 Minutes – End

Making Adjustments & Always Trying to Develop Ourselves

Correct Body Posture Demonstrated

Less Likely to Hurt the Back Through Proper Body Alignment

Settling and Relaxing the Heart Area without Slouching

Expressions of Stress in the Body: Grinding Teeth, Twitching, Nervous Energy

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