Awareness of Influences



0-6 Minutes

Our Influences and Who We Influence

Story of Man Getting Ticket and Ensuing Chain Reaction

Behaviors of Others are Contagious

Subconscious Influences that Affect Us

6-12 Minutes

Negative Behaviors and Environment that have Impact Us

Studious College Roommate vs. Party Roommate Scenario

Studies Show Person in Distress Gets Help or Not Based on Others Lead

To Really Understand Someone – Need to Study Where They Came From

Quotation on What Makes Someone Extraordinary

12-18 Minutes

Recognizing our Biases and Doing Something About It

Emergency Situations Where People Shut Down Responses

Using Awareness Skills to Prepare Yourself for Emergency Response

Awareness to Environment Keeping You Safe

18-24 Minutes

Training Yourself and Your Body in a Way the Develops Awareness

Learning to Break the Pattern of Being Frozen from Fear

Training Helps Develop and Strengthen the Mind

Various Training Levels have Different Tolerance to Outside Influences

More Advanced Training Means Using Tools and Techniques

24-30 Minutes

In Class Exercise – Testing Your Own Awareness of the Path you Take

How Many Things Do You See within 2-2 ½ feet

We are Distracted, Spend so Much Time with Noise & Messages

Hating the Silence – The Need to Balance Busy Minds

Different Levels of Awareness: Inside, Narrow, Wide

30 Minutes-End

Seeing Using Wide Angle Vision Explained

Shifting Eyes to Wide Angle Vision Changes Your Mind

Assignment for the Week – Using Wide Angle Vision

Meditation Exercise – Eyes Open using Wide Angle Vision

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