Awareness in Relationships



0-5 Minutes

Feasts, Holidays, Birthdays Designed to Bring Awareness

Love Tests:

Not Negotiable – Love not Diminished by Another’s Lack of

Knows No Fear – Sacrificing Self for the Welfare of Others

Wildebeest Video – A Mother’s Love

5-10 Minutes

Holding those we Love in the Highest Esteem

Projecting our Love onto Others

No Judgment, Jealousy, Attachment or Pain with Real Love

Pain coming from Desperation & Attachment to Results

Real Freedom and Peace – Cannot have Attachment

10-15 Minutes

Letting the One you Love Go & Grow

Jealousy stems from Attachment, Fear of Losing Something

Seeing Through the Faults of Those You Love

Number One Way to Have a Good Relationship

Surprise at Relationship Break up – Sleeping through Signals

15-20 Minutes

What is Consistently Being Said Between the Words?

Getting our Own Way in Relationships

Assertive One’s Long Term Impact on Partner

One Trying to Fix the Other – Beating Down Over Time

20-25 Minutes

Picking up on Another’s Body Language

Getting into Your Partner’s Skin, Paying Attention

Breathing & Mediation Brings Patience & Control

BodyMind Training Benefits & Application in Relationships

25 Minutes – End

Awareness Means Awakening to What is Really Happening

High Level – Looking at Another without the Labels & Baggage

It Takes 28 Days to Create a New Habit – Putting it into Practice

Awareness Drill of the Week – This Week Stop, Look & Listen Between the Words

Sense Meditation Exercise – Listening to Sounds as a Focal Point

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