Meditation For Clarity



Part 1
Much Overlap with the 7 Keys – 2-5 All Require Clarity to be Effective
Meditation Requires Concentration without just a Mind Full of Thoughts
Clarity helps us to see what is Really There
Mental Control is very Hard in this Society

Part 2
Peeling Away the Layers of the Illusion of what we Think is Real
How Sitting Quietly Often can bring a Sense of Connection to all Thing
Eliminate all Distractions and Discover what Really is Reality
Reaching Deep Meditatiive State can Bring Tears and True Realization
Never Ending Cycle of Wanting vs. Realizing & Accepting What Is

Part 3
We Fight what Really Is; Resisting Change
Striving but not Attaching
Judgments, Labels, Clinging to what you Think Should Be
Finding your Reference Point for Yourself to Know what Direction to Head
No Fun or Adventure in Staying Safe on “Home Base”

Part 4
Getting Used to Calm, Centered Feeling – The Easier it is to Return There
The Further you get from “Home” the more Complex it Seems
How Not to Get Caught in Chaos and be Affected by it
Developing Your Own Lifeline
Those who Lose Lifeline Get Caught in Chaos and be Disconnected from Others

Part 5
You Practice, You Experience You Know – A Nice Place to Be
Following with Faith in Your Teachers – Being Open to Trying to Taste
Prerequisite to Meditation – Must Learn to First Concentrate to Meditation
Numbers in Concentration Exercise a Good Gauge for Progress
Using Audio to Meditate and Why it Can be a Crutch

Part 6
Not Requiring any Tools but those You were Born with
Real Empowerment means Developing the Skills
No 5 Minute Short Cuts – Need to Know how to Control Your Self
How to do the Concentration Exercise
Countdown from 300 – Seeing Each Number Clearly in Your Mind

About the Author Shifu Ahles