Blue Skies: Life’s Little Lessons: Clearing Away the Clouds

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Part 1
Slice of Life – Purchasing Son’s Computer Story
Bait & Switch?
Eagerness, Upset & Worry
Who Pushes Your Buttons?
Stepping Back & Becoming Aware

Part 2
Becoming more “In Tune” with Ourselves
Getting Re-centered Quickly
Clearing Away the Clouds of Our Minds
Recognizing what we Can’t Control
The Path of Mastery & the “Bright Mind”

Part 3
Be Kind – Life is Stressful Enough
How Ego & Righteousness Gets in the Way
Pouring Gas on the Fire
Expresses Things and Moving On
Controlling the Knee-Jerk Response

Part 4
Philosophy of Ba Gua
Returning to the “Pure” Mind
Concept of Constant Change
Behind the Storm, Beautiful Skies Follow
Developing to the Point of Inspiring Others
Unbiased, Non- Judgmental Pure Mindedness

Part 5
Bettering & Refining Ourselves
The Ultimate “Sharing of the Art”
Dealing with Others Judgments
Making Positive Changes; Needing Support
The Power of your Environment

Part 6
Others Lack of Understanding for Your Choices
Improving the Brain through Complex Body Movements
The Process of Earning the Sash

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