A Morning Prayer of Gratitude – Making Life Worth Living

First thing in the morning: go out your front door, face the rising sun and say, “Good morning Sun, thank you for another day.” Use this small gesture of gratitude to help set your mind straight on what you can consciously do to make the most of each and every day. You never really know when it will be your last.

Focus on what you do have, and have sincere appreciation for this incredible experience called life. Make an effort to get to know yourself. Do the work you need to do. Make an effort to get to know others. Be a good listener and do not judge. Share, love, and give of yourself. Forget worry, grief, fear or anything that doesn’t serve you and the others around you in a positive or uplifting way. Forgive those who need to be forgiven, including yourself. Be the light that brightens the path of those who know you. Do not wallow in your sorrow. Lift your head up and go forward. Ask, “What good can I do today?”

Be sure to make your life worth living. Do all you can and let go when you can’t.

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