Perspective: Attitude & Respect

0-8 Minutes
Ancient Theories Applied to how our Emotions Affect Us
Background on the 5 Elements
Each Element can represent Emotions, Organs, Seasons
Impact of our Emotions on Behavior & Feelings in the Body

8-16 Minutes
What is Your Attitude – Optimist or Pessimist?
Story of Success/Failure Rate in Optimists & Pessimist
Miners Trapped – Optimists Seek Solutions
Who is Responsible for the Experiencing you are Having?

16-24 Minutes
Identifying your Attitude in Life and Determining if Change Needed
Enjoying a Challenge or Struggling Against it
Does your Attitude Serve You or Hinder You in Life?
Maintaining an Inner Smile – Every Moment is a Choice

24-32 Minutes

Story of Siddhartha’s Secret to Facing Turmoil & Trouble
The Meaning of Life through the Eyes of a Child
What Drives you to Do What you Do at a Deeper Level
Making Plan Step by Step for Change
Perspective on Respect

32-40 Minutes

Dealing with Put Downs & Criticisms
Envy & Jealousy – Negatively Effective by Others Success
Getting Inspired by Others
Arguing with Teacher, Elders and an Alternate Approach

40 Minutes – End

Story of Lei Lei – Newly Married lives with Husband & Mother-in-Law
Conflict & Stress Between the Women – Lei Lei’s Plot
A Surprise Ending for Lei Lei
Story of the Elderly Mother and Treatment by Daughter-in-Law
Seeing Your True Self Revealed & Changing of Ways

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