NOW In Vogue

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Part 1

How do People get Great at Something?
Lost in the Chaos
Lack of Focus in a Multi Tasking World
Learning to Value Your Teacher’s Teachings

Part 2

Digesting what you are Taught
Pitfalls of Intellectual Practice vs. Experiential Practice
Video Taping your Practice

Part 3

Understanding Principles behind the Practice
“Now” in Vogue but not in Application
Force Feeding the Practice
Present Minded Thinking

Part 4

Letting Go – Easy to Say, Hard to Do
Retelling it means Reliving it over and over
Stock Market Fluctuations & Emotions
Learn to Control Body & Mind Follows

Part 5

Drowning ourselves in Noise – The Busy Mind
Becoming Consciously Conscious
Hearing the Noise – A Sign of Progress
How Self Awareness translates into Self Improvement
Age Amplifies Negative Tendencies

Part 6

Technology the Cause of Increased Tunnel Vision
Disconnecting from our World
Intellectual Practice & Life
The Philosophy Behind “It is what it is”
Paralysis of Getting Caught Up in What Was
How to Enjoy not Dread Family Get Gatherings

About the Author Shifu Ahles