Q & A: Exercising When Sick, Panic During Meditation, Tension, Crying

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Part 1
Heavy Feeling of Chi When Practicing with a Cold
Stages of Illness and Practicing
Learning Body Awareness
Dramatic Shifts in Feeling Taking Note
Different Degrees of Feeling Chi (Qi)

Part 2
Sickness an Indication of Stagnate Energy
Calling Energy to parts of Body when Facing Threat
Feeling of Panic & Anxiety during Meditation
Scheduling your Meditation into Your Day
Maintaining a Passive Attitude during Meditation

Part 3
When to Shorten Meditation Session
Anxiety and Becoming Aware of the Breath
How to Breathe Right to Control Body’s Tension
How Meditation Helps Focus in Everything
Mastering and Conquering the Mind

Part 4
When you Feel Stress & Where you Feel it
Developmental Breathing – Cleansing, Filling & Holding
Being Slaves of our Senses
Why do we Cry During Meditation?
Holding Things in and Burying them
Meditation Opening us Up

Part 5
Negative Emotions Released & Unleashed
Why Panic Attacks Strike
Walking Meditation; Struck by Realization
Connecting with the World on a New Level

Part 6
Concept of Oneness & Feeling of Joy
Pain from Past & Working Through it
Valuing your Practice

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