The Privilege To Practice

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Part 1
A Little Martial Arts History
“Farmer Style” Martial Arts
The Martial Artist – The Protectors
The Boxer Rebellion & Communist China
Shifu’s Visit to China

Part 2

Background of Ba Gua Chang
Lu Shui-Tian Battles in China
Making an Effort – 2 Day Trip to Teacher
Master Park – The Early Days

Part 3

Earning the Privilege to be Taught
Traditional Teacher’s Testing of the Character
Student’s Appreciation of the Practice

Part 4

How far are you willing to travel?
Sacrifices made for the Art
Today’s Attitude in the Martial Arts
How do you Deal with Difficulty?
The Difference from one School to the Next

Part 5 

Ability to Deal with Adversity
When Forms are Useless
Passing Down the Art
Sticking it Out – Getting Phenomenal Results
Practicing by Prescription
How Adversity Trains you for Life’s Challenges

Part 6
Demonstrating Appreciation for the Practice
Being Handed the Tools to Work on You
Greatest Gifts of the Art
Being an Inspiration to Others
Sharpening the Saw
The Art Becomes Part of You

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