Patience plus Q & A

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Part 1
Visit from Shizu
Setting a good foundation in our practice
Taking the Training Wheels off too Soon
Challenge & Frustrations of Being a Beginner – in Anything
Learning to be Patient with Ourselves

Part 2
Can’t Rush Progress
“Catching” more with more Practice
Glimpses of where the Practice Can Go
Have Patience or Destroy the Whole Thing
Jealously of Others

Part 3
Focus on Improving not Comparing
Consistent Effort over Time in Everything
Why document “feelings” we get in our body when we practice?
The Value to Keeping a Journal of your Practice
Midnight Review of Your Day – What could you have Done Better?
The Beauty of Maturing through your Art
What is considered “natural” breathing when you are practicing?

Part 4
Using your Full Vital Capacity when Breathing
Digestive Problems due to Improper Breathing
The “Best” place to Develop the Breath
Is it normal for one side to feel less balanced when circle walking?

Part 5
Dangers of “Spacing Out” during Circle Walking & Meditation
Escaping with the World through Artificial Means
What is a “Good Life”?
Difficulty in Watching the Breath during Meditation

Part 6 
Visualization During Meditation
How Meditation can Fine Tune our Ability to Intuit things
The Many Ways to Expand the Mind
Realization: It’s Just an Experience

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