End Of Year Talk 2008

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Part 1

Traditional School & Senior Students
Sharing your Practice with Others
Practicing Martial Arts on the Surface

Part 2

Ranking Systems 
Discipleship and Testing
Benevolence towards others
Practicing “Real Martial Arts”

Part 3

Creating Goals for Yourself
Wanting vs. Doing what it Takes to Get it
Taking Time for Reflection
Taking the Wrong Road
Patience, Perseverance & Strong Will

Part 4

Using the Will to turn from Negative Thoughts
Use the Will to Train the Body to train the Mind

Part 5

No Growth without Challenge
Your Beliefs are your Life
Getting to know Ourselves and our Capabilities

Part 6

Farmer Story – Good News, Bad News, Who Knows?
Look at our Lives as Ongoing Experiences
What Strength & Understanding develops from Challenges

About the Author Shifu Ahles

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