What Is Possible?

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Part 1
‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Yogananda
In Search of a Guru
Story of Police – Case of Mistaken Identity
Attack on an Innocent Man
Forgiveness and Assurance
Spiritual Person’s Miraculous Healing

Part 2

Video ‘Ring of Fire’ a story of John Chang
Story of Lighting Fire through Powerful Chi
Sending Energy through Acupuncture Needles
Pushing Matter through a Table
Remorse Sets in – A visit from Deceased Teacher
Story of Master Lee – Using Chi to Heal

Part 3
What is Possible with Enough Discipline & Focus?
Story of Tom Brown, Jr.
Brown’s Practice of Deep Meditation and Mind Control
Listening to a Wilderness Lecture as a Boy
25 – 30 Years Later Recognition of that Boy
Is Time Travel Possible?
Shifu’s Personal Account of Naturalist, Tom Brown, Jr.

Part 4
Life’s Little “Coincidences”: are they?
Is our time on Earth Pre-Destined?
Sleeping while Driving & Divine Intervention?
Being truly Awake & Catching More

Part 5
Spiritual Awakening Yields Change & Forgiveness
Seeing All of Life as Sacred
Bhagavad Gita Concept of “Me” & Leaving Suffering Behind
What is Possible when we are able to Stop our own Suffering
The Renunciate: In the World but not of the World
When the Awakened meet Resistance from Others
Finding the Answers are “Within”

Part 6
Why do we need the noise?
We are not supposed to be humans “doing”
How to get Involved in Life without Getting Lost
Meditation, Breathing, Qigong
Why do People get so Bored doing Repetitive Tasks
We are all Fully Capable of Mastery
Skills acquired through Repetition and Experience

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