Grief Release: Understanding Your Body’s Energy, Tools for Dealing with Emotions such as Grief, Guilt & Despair

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Part 1

Waking with 100% Recharged Battery “Theoretically”

Impediments to our Bodies’ Ability to Recharge Fully

Quality of Sleep and the Food we Eat Matters

Energy Stealers: Thinking about Past: Past: Grief, Guilt, Remorse

Thinking about Future: Worry, Fear, Planning

Catching Moments of Living Life on Auto Pilot rather than Conscious Awareness

Part 2

What Percentage of the 100% are in the Emotions or Thoughts that are in Past and Future?

What percent of the 100% is left for the Present?

Emotions of Relating to Grief, Guilt and Remorse

Guilt can Destroy Self Esteem

Story of Grief Ceremony led by Peacemaker of Modern Native American Tribe

Making Peace with Yourself – Ritual to Rid Emotions of Grief, Guilt and Remorse

How gives Ritual Power to Heal?

Part 3

Do we need Rituals to Release us from Grief

How BodyMind Training fits in

Meditation with Focal Point, Visualization and Empty Thought Meditation

Meditation a Tool to Direct Mind where we want it to be

Uncontrolled Mind stays on the Surface of Things

Giving up on the things that are Difficult Accomplishes Nothing

Conditioning of Body – Training our Bodies to Rebuild

Part 4

Slower Side of Physical Training – Qigong’s Focus is on Circulating Energy

Slower Movement allows Using the Body as a Focal Point

How does Physical Training help People get Unstuck in Feelings of Fear or Depression

Stages of Grief – Denial, Rationalize, Anger, Bargain

Letting Go – what it Doesn’t Mean

Feelings of Despair and Powerlessness and the Challenge to Climb Out of It

Part 5

Avoiding our Thoughts through use of Drinking, Drugs, TV and other Forms of Distraction

Why those things Don’t Work – Washing out those Negative Emotions

How Trapped Feelings lead to Illness and Disease

Physical Practice using the Body to Sweat and Circulate the Blood

Promoting Positive Feelings and Improved Ability to Meditate through Exercise

Suddenly Crying doing Qigong or Meditation – Release of Emotions

Part 6

What Meditation is useful for when not Meditating

How do we get out of that “Bad Place”

BodyMindTraining – Drawing on Wisdom and Will to get out of Despair

Not using the Tools Available to Us is the Equivalent to Not Having them

Measuring your own levels of Happiness and Peace

Looking at Painful Past Experiences and Learning from Them

Time for Meditation

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