Q & A: (Releasing Bodily Tension, Breathing, Meditation)

Part 1

Q: How to Release Tension & Stiffness that grows worse with Fear
Meditation helps to get out of your Head and Clear Noise
Recognizing who you Really Are and Reasons why you React as you Do
Attaching and Worrying about things – What is there to be Afraid of Right Now?
Repetitive Chi Kung Exercises where Gravity becomes your Friend – Releasing Tension in Body

Part 2

Energy Work Exercise: Knife-Like Pain Followed by Feeling of Electrical Shock
Flow of Energy & Circulation following the Clearing of Blockage
Meditation helps you to Relax – More Relaxation means more Circulation
Don’t be in a Hurry for Magic Answers – Magic only Works if you Work it
Learning to Build up a Threshold to Stress and Challenges with Regular Practice
Q: Strong Chi Feeling during Meditation from Regular Meditation Practitioner

Part 3

Feeling a Big Contrast from Normally Stressed State to Meditative State
Regular Sitting Meditation one step from Useless – if not Applied in Everyday Life
Live More Like a Meditation Everyday – That is what Changes Your Life
Q: Feeling like not Fully Exhaling during Breathing Exercises
Breathing out too Slow, Using Body Contraction to Let Go of All Air

Part 4

Good Way to Break Stress Pattern with Breathing During Day
Q: Why is it Important to Breath Out through a Pinhole during Cleansing Breath?
Breathing Out of Balance if you Exhale too Quick
Deeper Cleansing if you Maintain Pressure during Slow Exhale
Q: Is there a Bad Way to Expand your “Box”?

Part 5

Figuring out what is Right for you when Stepping out of the Box
Important to Bring Yourself out of Your Box not Dragged out
Q: Seeing Mother’s Death before it Happened during Meditation
Spiritual Meditation Experiences an Knowing how to Handle them
Our Experiences can be Limited by our own Beliefs

Part 6

Many Experiences seem Inaccurate – Dynamic Changes along the Way
Q: Smelling Something During Meditation that isn’t There
Phases of Meditation – Natural Cleansing as you Open Up
Physical Manifestations of Memories within Body During Meditation
Trapped Memories Stored Inside being Released During Meditation

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