Breathing Q & A plus Long Form Meditation



Guided Long Form Meditation

Part 1

Q: Cleansing Breath: Why is a pinhole exhale needed rather than just regular exhale?
Trying to Amplify the Cleansing aspect during Breathing
Breathing out Quickly Loses Pressure
Lack of Exchange between New and Old Air
Enhancing the Cleansing Exercise with Visualization of Water in a Balloon

Part 2

Q: Can you Train to Breathe only Through Nose even During Heavy Exercise?
Skull Formation due to Poor Nutrition is one Theory on Difficulty with Breathing
Why can we Breathe Better when Sleeping and Meditating?
Stress can be a Cause for Inability to Breathe Fully

Part 3

A Friend’s Story – Let it Go and Resist Temptation to Sniff In
Noticing the Change – Sinuses Relaxed can Breathe Better
Improper Breathing: System Starved of Oxygen due to Tension and Stress
Breathing up High & Feeling like you Can’t Get Enough Air – Links to Disease
Sleep Apnea – Forming Healthy Breathing Habits through Practice

Part 4

Breathing Strips for Nose to Alleviate Sleep Apnea & Blocked Breathing
Trouble with Stairs: Fitness Level, Vital Capacity & Breathing Practice
Practicing Breathing and Relaxation will help you even during Exertion
Having Patience with Yourself whenever Learning a New Skill

Part 5

Q: Is it ok to do Breathing Exercises while Lying Down on Floor?
Keeping a Good Posture during Sitting Meditation
To Breathe you Must Move Body – Opening and Stretching (Physically Demonstrated)
Movement is More Restricted with Lying Down but not Wrong to Do
Time and Place for Lying Down: Meditation is Focusing Mind not Sleeping
More Circulation, More Relaxed Feeling; Holding Breath can Promote that

Part 6

Learning Long Form Meditation from Tom Brown, Naturalist
Command Breath: Build Up Tensions, Anxieties and then Complete Release
Breathing can Become a Trigger to Drop from Stressful State to Calm
Segmenting Body to Deeply Relax each Piece
Sequence of Light Filling Body
Breath to Surrender can become “The Trigger” with Training

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