Meditation For Awakening



Part 1
Spending time in Nature – Philosophies of Native Americans
Teachings from Tom Brown and Stalking Wolf
Science of Brain Waves and the Pulsations per Second
Grandfather’s Worlds – Deeper Philosophy of the Mind
“Land of the Living Dead” & the Busy Beta Brain
Low Level of Creativity, Memory, Healing Capabilities at Beta

Part 2
Veils between the worlds – getting past the veil by getting quieter
“Flaky, New Age” People – Labeling Others who Experience Differently
Alpha State and Athletes “in the Zone” – Getting out of our Own Way
Theta – Answers coming from seemingly nowhere, sleeping on it.
Time in Nature Quiets the Mind

Part 3
Reaping the Rewards of Spending Time in Nature
Healing & Immune System Improve with Deeper Meditation
Shaman’s Pure Mind & Clarity to Help Problem Solve & Heal
Hindering Your Ability to Function Optimally – Unnecessary Struggle
How to Avoid Moodiness, Irritability, Depression
Self Discovery – Peeling Away the Layers of Programming & Beliefs

Part 4
Theta possible to achieve even in waking state with practice
People all over the world experience that Connection
4 Things Beginners Need for Meditation Practice
Learning to Feel more at Peace & Calm then using it as a Reference Point
Using Discipline to get in the Healthy Habit of Meditation

Part 5
Comfortable Position: Falling Asleep is not Strengthening the Mind
Proper Posture for Meditation and How it Helps
Focal Points for Meditation including Simple Ways
Watching Natural Breathing without Controlling it during Meditation
Maintaining a Passive Attitude During Meditation
Last Week’s Concentration Exercise Feedback & Instruction

Part 6
Q: How to Release Tension & Stiffness that grows worse with Fear
Amount of Time that Should be Spent on Each Number
Counting Back by 3’s
Visualizations – Used for Healing, Goals, Conquering Negative Self Talk
Doing the Concentration Exercise Again – Seeing Number Clearly in Mind’s Eye
“Hard” Concentration Exercise vs. “Soft”
Using Beads or Mantras as a Meditation Technique

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