Meditation For Change



Guided “Happiness” Meditation

0-8 Minutes
7 Keys – All About Personal Experience
Allowing the Possibility that something is Possible
Stalking Wolf’s Teaching of 4 Worlds & Chinese Philosophy
Becoming Aware of what’s Going on Inside & Influencing it with Visualization

8- 15 Minutes:
Lasting Change comes from Essentially Becoming Someone Else
Who You Are Now – A Manifestation of all that Came Before
Meditation is the Bridge from the Physical to these Other Worlds
Shutting Off from Anything Beyond Physical Reality means we Run by Default
Affirmations that Conflict with Belief System Creates Stress
Getting to our Belief System through Quiet, Problem with Requests through Prayer

16 – 22 Minutes
Deep Meditation – Seeing a Color
Shifting Your Mind to a more Spiritual State through Meditation
Practical Application – Visualizing what trying to do with Affirmations
Going One Better – Envision by “Jumping into the Movie”
Strengthening the Visualization Muscle

22 – 29 Minutes
Healing the Physical Body – Moving Away from Stress, Separateness Feeling
Everyday Practicing getting to Deeper State – Visualizing a Happy Scene
With Energy Flowing we can Heal – Body will be in Balance
How Illness Spreads through Blockages of Energy
The Role of Faith in Until Experience Proves Otherwise
Circumventing Current Belief System and Creating a New One through Experience

29 – 38 Minutes
Famous Study of Basketball Players throwing Free Throws – Envisioning Practice
Study Showing the Power of Envisioning Practice
Examples of how using Visualization Helps in Professional Sports
Goal Setting without the Stress and without Blocking the Energy
Cannot Circumvent Programming & Ego without Purification

39 – 47 Minutes
Passion for Goals without Pure Mind – Doing for Others not for Self
Societal, Cultural and Family Pressures
Being Clear on What You Want in Your World and Your Life
The Power of Change – Make New Experiences through Envisioning
Intro To Guided Meditation – Happiness Meditation Exercise

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