Q & A: Qigong & Injuries, Focus, Getting Back To a Pure, More Innocent Mind

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Part 1
Q: How does using Qigong help Heal an Injury?
Goal of Qigong (Energy Work)
Sprained Ankle Treatment
Using Circulation and Movement to Treat Injuries
How Pain Avoidance can Lead to Longer Healing Time

Part 2
Frozen Shoulder Result of Not Moving
Relaxed Mind with Small, Gentle Movements
Learning to Let Go of Pain

Part 3
Q: Etiquette Outside of Dojang – Dealing with Inquiring Minds
Learning to Stay Focused During Distractions of Outdoor Practice
Using Distractions as an Opportunity to Learn to Stay Focused
Avoidance of Outdoor Practice due to Worry of Others Think
Q: Is what we hope to “get” out of Meditation to see everything as “good”
Reference to Book “You are going to Die”

Part 4
Different Perspectives but Ultimately “One”
Meditation can help you recognize Oneness
Looking at Different “Truths” just as Different Perspectives
Q: What is the 3rd Eye?
Increased Insights, Intuition & Creativity

Part 5
More Meditation and Opening of 3rd Eye
Q: Approach of a Madman or a Yogi?
Some things don’t need to be Explained
Q: Trouble Letting Go when People Behave in a Predictable Manner

Part 6
Getting Back to a Pure, more Innocent Mind
Letting go of Preconceived Ideas about People
We are all “Pure” we need to Learn to Access that in Ourselves
Same Person Different Reactions from Different People due to Different Perspectives
Recognizing the Ego and Destroying it – No labels, judgements or attachments
Wisdom borne from Clarity, Knowledge and Experience

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