ABC’s of Self Development plus Q&A: Dealing with Prejudice, Cold Behavior, Visualization & Concentration

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Part 1

Awareness Essential for Making Changes Within
Evaluating how you Feel, Who you Want to be With
Breathing the Bridge Between Brain & Body
Using the Breath as a Tool
Confidence – Willingness to try New Things
Fearing what we don’t Know

Part 2

Building Confidence will yield Less Fear
Increased Exposure and Reference Point
Life “in a Box”
Living a Life in Fear
Choices you make Speaks Volumes About You

Part 3 

Who Makes for “Easy Prey”?
Awareness of Environment, Thinking More
Decisions: Life Created Moment by Moment
Effects of Broken Promises to Ourselves
Building Belief in Yourself through Discipline
Looking at Your Life and Seeing how to Improve It

Part 4

Q: Racist Remarks: Do you try to change the mind of others?
Prejudice & the Ignorant Mind
When to Take a Stand
Native American Approach to Ill Will Towards Others
Poor Response due to Lack of Confidence & Need to be Liked
The Firmly Assertive Response minus Angry Emotion

Part 5

Having the Awareness to Know when it is Not Wise to Speak Up
Having the Ability to Understand where Ignorance comes from
Getting to the Root of the Problem – Educating from the Ground Up
Q: Feeling Cold & Insensitive to Others is that part of Increased Awareness?

Part 6

Not Overreacting to a Situation a sign of Wisdom & Growth
Ability to View Events more Neutrally than Others
Q: Is it ok to focus on Ba Gua moves as part of Concentration Exercise?
Visualization a Different Level than Empty Mind

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