Q & A: Instilling Follow Through, Conflict in Speaking Out, Feeling True Joy, Reaction when Student Leave

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Part 1
Q: How do you Instill Follow Through in People who Lack Discipline?
Separating Saying you Want Something from Truly Wanting it
Life is Ultimately Harder when we Give in to Laziness
Eliminate the Option to Quit – Make Your Decision Once
Forget Try – Just Do and Begin to Build Belief in Yourself

Part 2
Q: Is there a Conflict in between idea of not Preaching to Others vs. Speaking Out Against Predjudice
Firmness in Response can Take Many Forms
Overly Agreeable Person can equal Lack of Confidence
Self Development leads to less Fear, more Accepting of Others Way
Becoming Aware of Your “Programming” & Innate Goodness
How you Respond to Things is how you Experience Them

Part 3
Younger Soul vs. Older Soul – Ego & Truth
Ultimate Reason for Practicing
Gandhi an Example of Non Violent Activism
Parents have a Greater Responsibility than they Know – Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders

Part 4
Q: How to Feel True Inner Joy?
Getting away from Words and Closer to Feeling in Prayer
Lack of Joy – where it Comes From & How to get to Place that is “Home”
Feeling Deep Inner Joy
How Meditation Factors in
Judgement & Anger Emotions that Hurt Ourselves

Part 5
Once you get that Quiet Place you never forget the Joy
Recognizing thought Clouds the Joy
How to View Negative Experiences in a Positive Way
Q: How does Shifu Feel when Students Leave?
Hit hard by Early Student’s Decision to Leave Practice
Learning to Temper your Feelings

Part 6
Accepting things as They Are
Choosing How Long you want to Feel Bad
More you Realize you Can’t Control Others; More Joy Experienced
The 50/50 Relationship Fallacy
Changing your “Spots”
Living your Passion brings Extreme Rewards
Know you put your own Chains on and can Remove them

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