Q & A: Meditation and Dealing with Addictions, Respect for Self, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming and Master Park’s Styles



Part 1

AA 12 Step Program encourages Meditation
Spiritual experiences with meditation and can it help to stop drinking?
Meditation – Flipping the Light Switch
Essence of Spiritual Leaders messages correlates to own experiences
Super Conscious – Shared Knowledge, the 100 Monkey Theory
“Belief” versus “Knowing” something
Addictive Personalities

Part 2

Escapism no longer necessary when the mind sees things as they really are
Happiness and Sadness is relative to your own Perspective, Beliefs and Focus
Greater Challenges brings Greater Growth
One True Law in the Physical Universe: Change
Return to the Center and the Oneness and no need for Inebriation
Shifu’s tale of how Martial Arts stopped his Teenage Drinking

Part 3

Yang Jwing Ming Book – How Martial Arts was a Practice to Develop Yourself
Practice in a way to develop Patience, Perseverance and Strength of Will
Image of Self can Change with Practice
Your Deepest, Highest Self can be your Support
Your Environment may need to change to Support your new Direction
Does turning to another type of teacher disrespect your teacher or the martial arts?

Part 4

Understanding that as Student’s Behavior affects him/herself, not the Teacher
Respecting yourself and your Practice
How Etiquette and Sincerity can help a Student Learn
What is in your Mind when you do Something is what make it Special
What Sparked the Desire to Teach Martial Arts
Students come because they Seek Something

Part 5

Needing Medication or Therapy and Utilizing the Tools of the Practice
Making Decisions that Respect Yourself
Don’t Expect Results without Following the “Prescribed” Practice
Being a Good Example as a Student of the Martial Arts
The Differences between Dr. Yang’s and Master Park’s Bagua

Part 6

Differences between the two are on the Surface; Principles Same
Emptying Your Cup
Finding a Teacher that Teaching only 1 Style for Many Years
Both styles good: the Magic comes from the Student’s Willingness to Practice

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