Perspective: Limitations & Reasons



0-7 Minutes
Story of Village People Fighting over what is God goes to Buddha
6 Blind Men Each Describe an Elephant Differently
Differing Viewpoints often based on Exposure
Story of the Orange – Do you Know?
Labeling, Judging, Grouping Things Together makes us Think we Know

7-14 Minutes

Aisles of Apples – All Different Kinds can we really group
Do we Group People together and Label it Like Fruit and think we Know?
Put a Label of Something and get an Idea and Think we Know
Shortchanging ourselves by Limiting the Exploration of More Possibilities
Do you Express yourself & Emotions based on the Environment you grew up in?

14-21 Minutes

Healthy Environments allow you to Express & Talk About your Emotions
Are your Beliefs Really Yours or do they Belong to Someone Else?
Beliefs with “Common Themes” such as Blaming Others
Are you Willing to Change Beliefs that Don’t Serve you Well?
Feeling Rejected for What You Feel & Problems that Arise

21-28 Minutes

Writing Down the Origin of Your Beliefs based on Parents, Teachers, Friends
How Powerful are our Beliefs and How Much of our Lives are they Running?
Faith in Something Can Affect the Outcome – Placebo Effect
Cancer Patient Believing in the Cure and Recovers then Discovers Placebo

28-35 Minutes

Thinking the Physical World so Concrete yet so much Shaped with our Minds
Book “How Children Learn” Trauma and Curiosity Theories
Example of Child Getting Burned & Learns but can Fear get Distorted?
Physical & Emotional Traumas Growing Up Can Lead to Generalizations
Thinking something based on Feeling not Truth

35 Minutes – End

Unless you Believe you can be Wrong you cannot Change Anything
Curiosity – Finding a Way to Learn About what your are Passionate About
Curiosity Can Lead us to Look from more Angles & Change our Perspective
Recognizing Belief may be Based on Trauma can Release Us
Projection Meditation Exercise Taught – Best to try in Nature

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