Q & A: Meditation, Concentration, Visualizations, Intimidating People, Impact of Age & Ego on Practice

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Part 1

Q – How do you Transition from one Method of Meditation to the Next?
Visualization Meditations as taught by Master Park
How do you feel when you focus on the negative?
Happiness & Flower Meditations improves Flow
Concentration Exercise a Gauge for Ability to Focus
Empty Mind Meditation

Part 2

Visualization Exercises – Making it Real
Description of Empty Mind Meditation
Board Visual of Layered Stages of Meditation
Book Reference: Mindfulness in Plain English
Maintaining a Balancing Act During Meditation

Part 3

Forgetting to keep Counting during Concentration Exercise
Learning to Notice when Mind Wanders
Focusing on what you choose to focus on
Expanding the Quiet Moments
Q – Where would you be looking if you suddenly opened eyes during meditation?
Gazing during Open Eyed Meditation
Developing the Third Eye though Meditation

Part 4

Wide Angle Vision Description
Q- What is the Best Way to Deal with Intimidating People?
How to Not Allow Others to Make You Feel a Certain Way
Environment Stronger than Will – Consider Options
Attracting into Life what you need to Learn to Overcome
Communicating Past Perceptions & Gaining Understanding

Part 5

Q – Is Visualizing Typing #’s for Concentration Exercise too Complex?
Simplicity in Visualizations
Q – Aren’t we supposed to Not Think during Meditation?
Many Ways to Meditate – Focal Point vs No Thought
Q – How do to deal with age related issues in practice after being an athlete in past?

Part 6

Competition and Ego: Learning to Recognize what we are Not
Looking at your Practice as just another way to Take Care of Yourself
Learning to Compete only with the Person you were Prior Year
How do you Get Better Even as You get Older?
Difficulty Learning a New Skill: Building New Connections in the Brain
Amazing what Perseverance and the Will Can Do

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