Q&A: Power of External Environment, Meditation & Depression

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Part 1
Q: Feeling of Being in a Rush even when Early – What does it Stem From?
Power of External Influence & Environment on Thinking & Behavior
Spending time in Nature and Experiencing a Mental Shift due to Environment
Best Time & Place for Meditation
Getting Caught up in a Crazy World

Part 2
Using a Journal to Note Observations, Feelings and Reactions to Environment
Why a quiet spot for Meditation cannot be the Be All and End All
Q: Can Meditation help with Depression even when on Medication for Years?
Thinking this is all there is and then feeling Lost
Meditation – Ability to Take us Home, Clear Away Clouds, & Remember Truth

Part 3
Waking up and Realizing you are not the Limited Being you think you are
Meditation: Tasting the Apple for Yourself and Experiencing a Sense of Joy
Powerless to Help Others who don’t want to Change
How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Wake up Feeling More Positive
Brightness in Attitude Automatically Attracts People to You

Part 4
Change Perspective – Change Chemistry in the Brain
Physical Body is a Reflection of all that goes on Inside You
Learning How not Think That Thought through Practice
Letting go of the Baggage from Yesterday
Creating of Pathways and Patterns – What you think and do regularly 
“Growing Back” our True Selves 

Part 5
Q: Can Shifu Describe the Feeling of Depression (has he “tasted the apple”)?
Depression Described from Own Experience
Having the Tools and Experience Needed to Lift Yourself out of Depression
Not enough to Sit in Meditation – Must Focus the Mind
Discussion regarding Medication for Depression & Feelings of Judging Others for it

Part 6
Making the Effort Everyday to Step Out and Keep Out of a State of Depression
Need to be able to Feel Fully to Live Fully
Q: Is meditation recommended for Anxiety & Depression as a way to help find the answers from within?
When the Worst Happens – Letting Go what Can’t be Changed in Past
Willingness to Try things – Do things Differently than Before
Recognizing all we can Change is Now

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