The Illusion of the Easy Way

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Part 1

Choosing the Easy Way over the Hard Way
Easy Way Blocked; Having to Take the More Difficult Road
Unprepared for a Difficult Journey
How Many Times do we Take the Easy Path?
What have you Missed by only taking the Easy Way?
How does it Feel to Know you Never did what you Love to Do?

Part 2

When we Tell Ourselves we Can’t – we Believe it
Taking the Steps necessary to figure out How You Can
Struggling & Feeling Alive
Stepping outside Your Comfort Zone to Gain the Benefits

Part 3

How to Make Changes & Listening to Others who Serve as Examples
Growing out of Your Comfort Zone to get what you Want out of Life
People Making Plans to Start Something New…Tomorrow
Nothing Happens without your Efforts Today
Getting Strong & Prepared for what may come by Challenging yourself Now

Part 4

Life – like Living in a Box 
What happens to you Over Time
Failing to Step out of Comfort Zone and a World that Shrinks
Losing yourself Day by Day by Playing it Safe, Always the Secure Route
Parents Giving Children what they want

Part 5

What happens when Parents Stop Letting Kids have it the Easy Way
Martial Arts Can be Lifelong – Know how to Earn Your Own Way
The Child who Earns – Learns
No Self Esteem when Things are Handed to You
Illusion of Self Worth and the Easy Way
The Secret of Those who Know they Can

Part 6

2 Reasons why People Don’t Practice Martial Arts
Thinking you Know the Path without Really Knowing
How do we Change the Story of Who we Think we Are?
What Happens when you Step out of the Box?
The Power of the Practice

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