The Ultimate Goal of BodyMind Training plus Q & A

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Part 1

How can we Control our Minds when Facing Something Terrible?
More Complexity equals a more Fully Engaged Mind
What Happens to Promising Athletes during Olympics who fall Apart
The More you Practice something with Focus the Better Your Focus Gets
Comparing Focus during Practice to Controlling Mind During Bad Times

Part 2

Better Focus makes us Better in all Aspects of Life
Consequence of Good Training, Focus will Carry Over During Hard Times
“Getting” the Ultimate Goal of our Practice
Practicing with Ego: A Child’s Mind in a Big Body
The Illusion of Separation

Part 3

2nd Annual Fall Retreat – What it is and what it isn’t About
Learning Every Moment Counts – No Gaps
Noticing Things and Learning to Let it Flow Naturally, Let it Be
What Happens when a Major Sense Cut Off – Reacting to It
Never Quantity of what You Learn, Always Quality
Intellectual Approach wanting to Figure it all out in the Mind

Part 4

Thinking about things rather than Experiencing them
Caring about Quantity without the Understanding of How to Apply it
Knowing what it Takes to Be in Shape – Doesn’t Make you be in Shape!
Getting the Philosophical Aspects of Practice, Inspiration to Train Right
So far from “Home”

Part 5

Knowing inside what “Home” Feels Like and Getting There to Root
Breathe Slowly, Calm Down and Visualizing a Better Outcome
Accepting something no Matter How Bad, Dealing with it from There
People Searching for the Truth, why do we need that?
Q: Do we Need to Know the Purpose of Why & Trying to Get Back Home?
Misconceptions of “Home” and Separate from one Another

Part 6

Carrying Past Experiences & Dropping Karma from Previous Life
How to Gauge your Level of Consciousness
Stepping out of our Comfort Level & Getting Upset
Being Controlled from the Outside In
Being More Connected to Earth is Closer to Daoism
The Rhythm of Wood

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