Building a Solid Foundation plus Q & A

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Part 1
Lazy Practice
Just Trying To Remember when things get Complex
To Build a Strong, Stable House – a Good Foundation is Critical
Setting Yourself up for Failure by Cutting Corners
Learning like Climbing the Rungs of a Ladder
Fundamentals needed to keep a Business or Relationship Strong

Part 2
What are the Things a Good Relationship is Built on?
What Condition is the Foundation in of the Things Important in Your Life?
Is Your Building Coming Down? How do you Fix it?
Recognizing what we are Really About
What Attracts you About the Practice? What do you Hope to Get out of It?
Why Meditating Everyday is so Important

Part 3
Getting a Grip on Your Life
Just Getting By is Not Good Enough
Practice Hard, Realize Benefit and then it Works so Well You Stop
Lifestyle Changes Applied Consistently for the Rest of Your Life
Failing to be Fully Committed
Wisdom is Figuring things out for Yourself

Part 4
How Much Time do you Waste on things that Don’t Bring Joy?
Be Careful of What you Say you Hate
Taking Care of Yourself takes an Effort
Q: What is Value of Book Learning?
“Know how to Read and Don’t – Might as Well not Know How”

Part 5
Interested in a Subject – Gathering Multiple Opinions
Looking at Life Experience and see if it Makes Sense
Exposed to New Info and Willingness to Try New Things
So Many Diets in Mainstream and Media how to Decide

Part 6
Need to have Your Own Experience
Be Careful who you Listen to – How Well is their own Life Going?
Looking for Answers that Lie Within
Meditation allows you to Recognize Your Programming
Lectures, Practice to Get you Thinking: It’s Your Job to Get the Most out of or Nothing at All

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