Lessons from Life Events: Value of Consistency plus Q&A

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Part 1
Shifu returns after an Absence due Unexpected Emergency
Proud of School – People Stepping up when Needed
Choosing and Deciding to Make a Place Special
Paying Attention to Strong Feeling of Energy
Getting out in Nature to Reconnect and Expand
Lesson in Mindfulness: Just “Being” for 24 Hours

Part 2
Feeling of Strong Energy – A Warning of a Need to Prepare?
What Happens when you Can’t Physically Practice?
Withdrawal Symptoms – Moodiness, Irritability, Anxiety, Anger etc.
Using the Tools of the Practice to Stay Balanced under great Stress
The Value of Consistent Practice – What Missing Even a Day can Mean

Part 3
Sciatica Returns 10 years later from Sitting & Not Practicing
People Quit Smoking from Fear – Need same Fear about Stopping Practice
Setting Yourself up in the Morning to have a Good Day
Using the Breath – Habit During Good Times; Utilized During Bad
Not Why Me but What Can be Learned?
Reason to Meditate…Everyday

Part 4
Why Meditate Every Day?
Habits of Crazy Mind vs. Formulating Healthy Habits
Mind Returns to Focal Point – Application is not Just in Meditation
Treating Life like a Meditation – Paralleling Practice with Life
Discipline to be Consistent: Feeling Good or Not. Who Chooses Not?
Q: What can Tingling in the Foot mean?

Part 5
Researching Causes for Ailments
Q: How Long is it Recommended to Practice at Home?
Only 10 minutes to Practice? Passion and a Clear Plan
Taking Advantage of Small Windows of Time
Practice Hard, Practice Right; Quality Practice will get Results

Part 6

Q: Good Deeds and Thinking Later about a Reward – Still a Good Deed?
Coming Back to Attaching to Results and Living in Moment
Things Happen; We make them Good or Bad
Living Life as an Adventure
Be in Life Like a Salesperson – Learning to just Move on
Bad Experiences in the World – Looking at them and Learning

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