Panic Doesn’t Help – Reacting to Life and Injuries

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Part 1
An aspect of Facing Adversity is learning not to Panic
The Martial Arts Warrior Mentality – No Panic
Story of Shifu’s Sister in Car Accident
Learning to Think before You Act or React
Designing a Training Schedule Spreadsheet for Yourself

Part 2
Whatever you want to work on – Make a Program
Dealing with Training Injuries with Calm and Perspective
Concept that Circulation Heals – Chi Kung by Prescription
What Happens to Your Body without Exercise?
Natural Principle: To Build up you first need to Break Down

Part 3
Lack of Understanding for Aches and Pains of those more Advanced in Years
Deadening Pain in Body with Pills
Use the Principles and Figure out why you Hurt and How to Heal
Thinking Your Safer not Doing and Looking at Atrophies of Those who Don’t
How to Eliminate Soreness after Vigorous Exercise of Area being Worked
Using Wisdom: Doing Your Own Research for Your Own Body

Part 4
Stories of People’s Back Going Out and How it is Fixed
Basic Chi Exercise Develops Body Awareness
Using Small Movements to Heal – 90% Mind, 10% Actual Movement
Body can Recover Quickly with the Right Approach to Healing

Part 5
Panic and Overreaction Hurts instead of Helps
Training the Mind to get Control of Reactions
Our Goal to be Peaceful when something Bad Happens in Life
Advice from Shifu’s Teacher During Most Difficult Time
Recognizing what we Cannot Change and Functioning the Best We Can
Stress Causing Unnecessary Tension in Body making it more Prone to Injury

Part 6
Food we Eat can Stress Body – More Tired, More Irritable
Already on Edge and Even Small Things can Knock you Down
Mind, Breath and Movement can help you Deal
Prior to Meditation – 6 Cleansing, 6 Filling and Holding Breath 3 x
Explanation of How to Do Cleansing, Filling & Holding Breaths

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