Q & A: Meditation Experience, Psychology & Mindfulness, Remaining Sharp with Repetitive Practice

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Part 1
Q: Is reaching higher self during meditation similar to a near death experience?
Movie the Matrix and parallels to personal experience with Meditation
All Life Blended Together & Connected
A Brightness Growing with Recognition of True Self
Seeing a Color During Deep Meditation

Part 2

Experiencing Visions During Meditation
Difficulty in Distinguishing which Place is Real
Value in Personal Practice and Personal Experiencing
Commonality of Experiences Across the World
Understanding why the Color Comes to You

Part 3

Getting to that Heavenly State through the Physical Practice
Q: In Psychology can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy be used as a Mindfulness Practice?
Catching thoughts and Moving Past Judgement without Labeling
Clearing Your Mental Hard Drive
Q: Anger Manifest – Is it best not to focus on anger due to irrational thought and let thoughts Pass?
Hyper Analysis can get you too Busy in Intellectual Mind – Focusing on the Now

Part 4

Getting Past Fears through Education and Research
Martial Arts Therapy – Clear the Mind by Moving Energy in the Body
Getting out of Your Own Way and Letting Life Flow
What ifs don’t Serve you Well, Catching what You Can’t Control
The Process of Developing the Skill of Self Mastery

Part 5

Q: How do we Remain Mentally Sharp in our Repetitive Practice of Martial Arts?
Are our Brains Wired to be a Certain Way or Simply Asleep?
It Takes Effort to Pay Attention
Practicing with Visualization keeps the Mind Alert – Making Threats Feel Real
Not Allowing the Practice to get Mundane

Part 6

Reaching the Depths of Your Soul through Real Martial Arts Practice
Reason for Rituals and Etiquette in Martial Arts
Acknowledging Special Events to Stay Connected & Awake in our Everyday Lives
Learning to Filter out & Shutting Off the World
Brains our Patterned through what we Experience in Our Environment and Life
Study of Kittens in Horizontal & Vertical Striped Rooms & Effect on Brains/Vision
Blind Spots based on our Perceptions of the World

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