Getting What You Want From The Practice & Life (Part 3)

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Part 1
Self Defense – Practicing Awareness as a Means of Staying Safe
Not accepting being a victim
Keep thinking and look for that chance
Bear attack on woman – A story about exercising bravery

Part 2
Survivor Stories – Fighting instead of Freezing
Empowering Yourself
Respect for Self & Others
Allowing others to be themselves

Part 3
Respecting even when we don’t understand
Path to More Acceptance, Less Judgement
Self Discipline – Sticking with the Plan
Those who Sign up but don’t Show up

Part 4
Relaxation – The Relaxation Response
Constant low level flight or flight
Stress Related Illnesses
Meditation teaches Relaxation
Hitting the Switch in our Brains
Living through Traumas that never happens

Part 5
Unplugging the Senses – The Adult “Time Out”
Lying Down Meditation
The Body Reflects the Mind in Elasticity

Part 6
Why Sickness takes Root
Balance – Our Shrinking Brains
Extending Quality of Life not just Time

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