Q & A: Getting Started With Eastern Philosophy, Weight Training, Quit Smoking

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Part 1
Where do you start studying Eastern Philosophy?
Nature Exercise – Look at a Blade of Grade, a Flower, a Leaf
Philosophers were in tune with Nature
Practice, Meditate & Supplement with Reading 

Part 2

How body responds to nature
Sit in nature and find your own answers
Meditation needs to be balanced with exercise slow/fast

Part 3

What can I do about flabby arms and weak legs?
Do I need weight training?
Look at what you are putting into your body
Why we crave things even after eating
Learning to listen to our Bodies after eating

Part 4

Frequency, Quality and Consistency of Eating
How body can get large and still thinks its starving
Resistance Training vs. Weight Training
How to reduce likelihood of injury & develop a strong body
Power of Keeping a Chart and Answering to Yourself

Part 5

The Chart doesn’t Lie
Setting Goal and Getting Results or Not
Creating Goals and Creating Stress
Focusing on Craving a Cigarette increases Craving

Part 6

How to Not to Focus on Cravings
Putting your Mind where you Choose
Developing & Strengthening the Will
How we Lose Creditability with Ourselves

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