Q & A: Natural Muscularity, Functional Exercise, Empty Calories, Hidden Power, Happiest People

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Part 1
Changing through Intention rather than Chance
Feeling Tired & Sick caused by Eating before Exercise?
Researching how Food Makes You Feel
Is it Better to be Muscular or Not?
Practicing & Eating Properly – Achieving Natural State of Muscularity
Functional Exercise vs. Segmented

Part 2

Societal Split – Materialistic vs Spiritualistic
Manipulating Weight with Diets
Starving Your Body with the Wrong Foods

Part 3
Achieving Correct Weight for your Body
Eating Empty Calories – Cravings
Want to get Better at Something?
The Key to BodyMind Training

Part 4
BodyMind Training
Preconceived Notions of Martial Arts
Health Side of the Martial Arts Practice
Absolute Intention – Using Body as a Focal Point
Repetitive Movements – Cure for Boredom
When Sitting in Meditation is not Enough
What is ‘Hidden Power’?

Part 5

Whipping Power of the Iguana – Fa Jin
How Humans have Moved Away from using our Bodies
What Purpose does it Serve to ‘Destroy the Ego”?
Is Ego a Bad Thing?
Shining a Light on Yourself

Part 6

Recognizing What Needs Fixing in Yourself
Clearing away the Clouds
Releasing ourselves from Fear of Failure
Seeing things as they Truly are
Attachment to Results based on Ego 
The ‘Happiest’ people in the World
Does Money make us Focus on the Superficial?

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