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Part 1
Announcement of website
Getting the Mind to Right Place before Meditation
Bringing your Practice to Life
Philosophy of Martial Arts – Eye Opening Experience
A little bit of History in the Arts, India, Yoga
Spiritual Side of the Physical Practice of Martial Arts

Part 2
Flowering of the Martial Arts
Dojo or Dojang – Meaning Behind the Name
Tasting Deep states of Meditation for Yourself
Why Body Mind Awakening?
Being Fully Present Means Fully Alive

Part 3
Less Time, More Results when we Focus
Using the Body with the Mind to Connect it to Real Life
Martial Arts a Way to Enhance Your Life
Mature Mind Only Fights When No Choice
Train the Body, Discipline the Mind, Experience Awakening
Taking Care of the Body – Need a Solid Foundation
Seesaw Health Diet – Better then Sick Again

Part 4
So much of what we Eat is Based on How we were Raised
Finding what Foods Fit Your Body
Avoiding Being a Slave to our Senses
Rest and Damaging Effects on Body when not getting Enough
Sleep Designed to Rebuild Tissues in the Body
Vegan Diet – Cause of Irritation and Nervous Alertness?
Causes of Sleeplessness

Part 5
Disconnecting the Mind from the Body During Exercise
Getting Really Good Results from Exercise
Complex Motor Movements – Lighting up the Brain
Brain and Body Changes with Demands we Put on It
Achieving a Higher Level of Consciousness:
Following Less and Feeling More
Clarity of Mind Leading to Better Decision Making
Empowering ourselves with the Choices we Make

Part 6
Leveling off of our Emotions through Practice
Becoming Aware of the Cause and Effect of Things
Getting to the Root of the Experience we are having
Recognizing what we Can and Cannot Control: Friends, Family
Loving Someone – Warts and All
Happy and Inner Peace – Spreading it to Others
Meditation & The Mind is just one Part of the Practice

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