Q & A: Brain Capabilities, Mind’s Defense Mechanisms, Overcoming Fear

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Part 1

Theory of using only 10% of our brains:
Does lack of “Intellect” come really from a lack of Awareness?
Different types of Intelligence and Ways to Learn
Using the Physical Body to Help Train the Brain
Quiet Mind sees things more Clearly
Aborigines Study – “Primitive” People

Part 2

Alpha Brain Waves – More Intuitive, More Creative
Thinking Less yet Knowing More
Using More Parts of the Brain
Bushmen: Trackers “Seeing” what Seemingly isn’t there
Kitten Experiment: Eye Development & Perception
What Shapes our Reality
Exploring the Possibilities of the Human Mind

Part 3

Brain Development through Training the Body
Theory of the “Psychological Immune System”
Mind’s Ability to Protect Us from Bad Situations
Mind’s Ability to Compensate: A Mind Trick or Part of a Natural Evolutionary Process?

Part 4

Ways to Mentally “Protect” Ourselves
Harnessing Power to “Go Home Anytime” in our Minds
Animals Don’t Need Meditation – People Do
Getting back to the Zero (Neutral) Point
Same Situation – Experienced Differently by Different People
When Mind Needs to take Protective Measures

Part 5

How is Meditation Different than Visualization or Escapism?
Concept of “Remote Viewing” – Connecting in the Mind
Creating other Realities for Ourselves
What is Real?
Developing the Brain’s Ability to Put in Mind on what we Choose
Concentration and Ability to Meditate

Part 6

How do you Overcome Fear…In Training & in Life?
Afraid of the Unknown
Confidence Gained Through Doing
Knowing what your Body can Take
Our Belief of What we Can and Cannot Do

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