Q & A: Meditation, Causes of Stress & Fear, Meditation Postures & Reincarnation

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Part 1

How Can Meditation help you to be Less Stressed & More Relaxed?
Causes of Stress & Fear: Jobs, Media, Labels and Judgements, Misplaced Values
Realizing what Really Matters

Part 2

Caring what others think
Getting to that place of Peace
Constant State of Low Stress – Effect on the Body
What Meditation can Teach Us
Bedtime Meditation equals Better Sleep

Part 3

Meditation raises your stress threshold – same stress, less effect
Experiencing life & learning to deal rather than run
Learn & Grow rather than suffer “Why Me?”
Meditation – Still Mind, Clean Slate, Making it Habit
Discover your own reasons and answers through Meditative Practice
The BodyMind Connection: Impact Meditation has on Pulse, Cholesterol Levels

Part 4

How stress defense mechanism lowering it with chemicals is not the best way
Theory & Principles Behind Ba Gua Zhang = I Ching + Yin/Yang + Wu Xing
Yin/yang, 5 Elements and Ba Gua – The Trinity of Natural Principles & How it Applies to Ba Gua Zhang

Part 5

Meditation Postures – Body Alignment & How to Find Your Center

Part 6

Philosophy on Reincarnation – Concepts of Consciousness, Connecting with Nature, Oneness
Believing what Others Say, Meditation & Experiencing for Yourself

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