Martial Artist Case in the Media plus Q & A

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Part 1

Article on Case of Martial Artist being Tried for Killing Innocent Person During Attack
Martial Arts Without Meditation
Details of Case from Article
Recognizing the Ability to get out of a Situation
Result is Conviction

Part 2

When the Attacked becomes the Attacker
Try to Train with Every Challenge in our Lives
Traffic Incident – Reaction Anger or Gratitude for Avoidance of Accident
Stressing Ourselves Accomplishes Nothing
Q: What Martial Arts did Person from Article Study?
Immaterial: There are those who know from Every Art and Those Who Don’t

Part 3

Q: Thoughts on “Live a Low Profile Life Jealousy will never Follow”
How it Pays to be Humble
Concept of Oneness – Act Badly towards others and it Comes Back to you
Each Decision Made Considering the Whole
The Domino Effect of Combating Nature

Part 4

Q: Where does Ego Originate from and why do we have an Ego?
Sin is to Miss the Mark – Miss the Part that is the Oneness
State we are trying to achieve in Meditation is Oneness
Without Ego we don’t Exist as Individuals
Anything that is off the Mark of Oneness creates Suffering

Part 5

BaGua 8 Triagrams is 1 Chinese Symbol Expressing Idea of Change
We are here for an Experience – Don’t Ask why Enjoy, Make an Effort
Q: How does Chi fit into All This?
Chi is the Energy that Goes through all Living Things
Thought Manifesting – Chinese Way of Explaining It
No real solid surfaces – just many layers of energy.

Part 6

Q: Everything has own Time or Place vs. Making your own Destiny
Book Conversations with God: Video Game Example
Create our own Script for what we want to Experience and Infinite Choices along the Way
Life is as Real as we Make it
Why Me? Lightening up about Life

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