Balancing Workload with Discipline to Practice plus Q & A

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Part 1
Why do we prefer Simple over Complex?
The Illusion of Success
Watered Down Martial Arts Programs
Youth Program at Blue Dragon

Part 2
Two Ways People Learn
Why Shifu has spent 22 Years of Focusing on Ba Gua
Trauma by Choice Promotes Inner Growth
Reasons for Not “Getting It”
How you end up with Nothing in your practice
Every Time we Grow we Change

Part 3
What’s Practical to Practice is What is Useful
Mastering Your Mind – Practical Application in Life
Who Does the Disciplined Person have to Answer to?
Discipline & Etiquette when Shifu Not Present
Point of Discipline and Etiquette is for own Self-Development
Being Different…On Purpose

Part 4
Setting a Standard that is Maintained when you Leave
With Self Discipline comes the Benefits of Practice/Life
Training our Minds to Pay Attention
Expanding the Negative in Life with our Reactions
Be Disciplined for You not for Your Teacher or Others

Part 5
Q: How to Manage a Large Workload and still be Disciplined with Practice
Shifu’s Own Story of Balancing Demands on Time with Practice
Decide why you Can Practice – Not Why You Can’t
Maintaining Your Practice – Mind is Clearer and Have More Energy
Getting Smarter with Martial Arts Practice

Part 6
Spilling over into Everyday Life – Things get Easier with Regular Practice
Superficial Reasons for Practice
As your Understanding Deepens your Reasons for Practice Follow
Gaining a Healthy Addiction that Complements Your Life
Don’t Know what you are Capable until you Decide what you Want
What is the Value of Your Practice? Only You Can Decide

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